Welcome Spring!

A few weeks ago I opened a door and stepped into the full bloom of spring. Outside it was a snowy grey day but inside, the greenhouse was awash with the vibrant colours and the sweet aroma of spring.

As I looked around, everyone’s faces were lit up with pure delight. It felt so good to peel back the layers and enjoy the warmth if only for an hour.

Sometimes a small glimpse of the future is all you need to be willing to linger a little longer and even appreciate the not so perfect present.

Today is the spring equinox and as I write this post, snow is gently sifting through the air… again. It’s piled everywhere with no visible signs of spring. Late winter is a challenging time for many people. Here in southern Ontario, the winter has been cold and it feels as though it’s snowed one or two or maybe even three times too many.

And yet, even on this snowy day, spring reveals itself in the birdsong and the growing daylight. Just yesterday the sky was heavy with clouds that showered rain down on us.

There’s no turning back now. We’ve all caught a glimpse of what’s to come.

Welcome, always long awaited and deeply appreciated, spring!

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