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A Rainbow in Your Hand

Over and over my life has been ‘saved’ by my ability to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. People who know me well will tell you that I often stop and point out something ordinary that brings me awe…the white clouds moving through the blue sky, the spiral in the centre of an echinacea flower, […]

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Believe In Beauty

Do you know that you are beautiful beyond belief? It’s true. Each and every one of you is absolutely beautiful. It’s easy to see it in others. We see their kindness, their unique ability and the shine in their eyes. It’s often more difficult to see our own beauty. We are much better at noticing […]

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Whispering in the New Year

It’s 2012! It’s a whole new year. I love new beginnings. Each new year, new week, new day and new moment is infused with potential. There is so much that is unknown and yet you can take steps to consciously create the tone that follows. The practice of personal ceremony is a lovely way to […]

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