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An Unexpected Ritual

In times of great need, I’ve always relied on personal ceremony to bring me back from the brink. But a few years ago after my sweetheart moved 9 hours away from home, I was beyond distressed. Fortunately, my 18-year-old son Gabe came to my rescue. I was supportive of my partner’s move. I wanted for […]

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In Memory

My mom passed away on New Year’s Eve day. She was 93 years old. My sister and brother and I had all visited her in Iowa 3 times in the past 6 months. We kept thinking she was going down hill but each time we got there she was doing well and we had wonderful […]

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Holy Peace

Last weekend, it was such a pleasure to take my 4 year-old grandson to the green house to choose a poinsettia. He and his dad were as happy as I was to step into the warmth of the greenhouse. It was a sea of colour! Over the years, I’ve shifted my attention from gift giving […]

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Bring Your Whole Self

I perform a ritual each time I prepare for a session with a client. Whether I’m meeting with a couple who are engaged to be married, or one-on-one with someone in my Sacred Life program, or even when I’m meeting someone for the first time for a Get Acquainted telephone session to see if we’re […]

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Opening to Your Dreams

We all have dreams. Dreams for a satisfying relationship, dreams for a closer family, dreams to express our creativity through art, writing or music. Dreams inspire us to make positive changes in our lives. Dreams call us to be our very best selves, our true selves. And yet dreams can also feel like a noose […]

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Candle Ritual

This morning before I wrote this post I lit a candle. I noticed my thoughts coming into focus. Each time I prepare for my client sessions I light a candle and I find myself taking a deep breath as I let go of some of the hustle and bustle and connect to a place of […]

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I Have a New Ritual

I have a new ritual. I’ve been doing it every day now for a week. Sometimes I choose my rituals. I have a need or a desire so I plan a ritual and then I perform it once or many times depending on its purpose. Not so for this ritual. This one chose me. On […]

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Light the New Year

There is something profound about the turning of the year. There is energy in the air that you can’t help but notice. It holds the potential of new beginning. I invite you to open to this heightened awareness in the simple ritual of lighting a candle. In the quiet of this New Year (new day, […]

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Awakening the Spark

(from Henri Matisse Jazz) Last night I attended a showing of “Exhibition on Screen: Matisse for Tate Modern and MoMA”. It was awesome! The colours, the shapes, the textures and all that was revealed behind the scenes of this exhibition were mesmerizing. I am deeply moved in the presence of art. Creativity unleashed, awakens a […]

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Your Full Potential

Holding my clients in the light of their greatest potential is easy for me. Although they are often hard on themselves when they express their challenges, I see them effortlessly moving forward. Our work together helps them find a healthy perspective toward their lives, a perspective that gives them more breathing room to make choices […]

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