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The Power of a Poem

Often a client will choose to include a poem in the ceremony they create especially if they’ve invited friends or family to take part. Reading a poem aloud draws a group of people together into a shared experience. The brevity of a poem invites you to slow down and listen. There is importance in each […]

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Begin Again With Compassion

Morning Moksha yoga class is like a moving meditation. The words spoken serve to deepen the understanding of the poses but they also translate beautifully into a wise approach to everyday life. Here is the essence of my teacher’s words. “Do not worry when you fall out of a pose. Do not chastise yourself or […]

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Waves of Blessing

Guest Post by Colleen O’Grady I love the ocean. I enjoy the smell of the ocean, the song of the seagulls and the sound of waves crashing upon the shore. Nothing feeds my soul like the ocean. Last week I took one last trip to the beach before school starts. I took my daughter and […]

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Listen to Your Dreams

In southern Ontario, the glow of autumn is upon us. This is one of my favourite times of year! I wish you and I could stand together under one of the magnificent maple trees. We could add our “ahhhh” to its orange flash of glory. If we looked down we’d notice another more subtle beauty, […]

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Carrying Peace

I’m visiting my mom this week while she celebrates her 91st birthday. After the long flight, I was desperately in need of the nourishment of nature. I turned onto a country road and followed my impulses to go this way or that. I was so pleased when I found a place called The Iowa Arboretum […]

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