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Sweet Summer Practice

The Summer Solstice has ushered us into a time of warmth. It’s truly summer again! This warm weather only lasts a few short months here in southern Ontario. Are you ready to take it all in? Take a look at this 3-minute video with a sweet practice called “This Is Summer”. Enjoy pausing in the […]

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Moon Blessing

Last night my partner Scott invited me on a full moon walk. In all of the 10 years that we have been together, he has never asked me to go on a full moon walk so I said, “Yes!” We walked on the night path that he usually takes with our dog and went places […]

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Indescribable Warmth

Last weekend I traveled to Nova Scotia to visit my son and attend a fashion show he was taking part in at NSCAD University where he is enrolled in art school. On the evening of the show, I was sitting in a chair that skirted the runway, watching people arrive and feeling the buzz of […]

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Walking into Spring

Early spring is a beautiful time to take a wisdom walk. A walk where you let your mind rest and open all of your senses to the natural world. Begin by setting a clear intention to witness spring and receive all of the pleasure of its beauty and any wisdom it has to offer. Choose […]

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Are You Choosing Spring?

It’s still winter here in southern Ontario. The ground is snow covered and the nighttime temperatures are -19°C/0°F. And yet, this time of year my wellbeing depends on believing that winter will eventually come to an end. I am committed to turning my gaze toward any sign of spring. The other morning when I heard […]

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Are you feeling tired?

Are you feeling tired? Who isn’t? Most of us lead such busy lives and at this time of year many are feeling the weight of a long winter. When I received the same poem from two different friends last week it seemed like ‘help’ was giving me a tap on the shoulder so I took […]

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Sweeten Your Dreams

Holding my clients in the light of their greatest potential is easy for me. Although they are often hard on themselves when they express their challenges, I see them effortlessly moving forward. Our work together helps them find a healthy perspective toward their lives, a perspective that gives them more breathing room to make choices […]

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A Life Well Lived

Sometimes when I’m in need, I draw on the memory of a particular beach I used to walk on during my winter trips south. I visited the same area many times over the years and developed a sense of belonging most particularly to the beach I walked each morning. I remember clearly the sensation of […]

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Making Way for a New Year

As 2016 comes to an end, I encourage you to spend some time reflecting over the past year. Set a few uninterrupted hours aside. Make a cup of tea, get out your journal and find a comfortable place to sit to mine your memory for the things that nourished you, inspired you, motivated you, brought […]

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No Regrets

There are so many times in our daily lives when it feels as though we’ve said or done something we shouldn’t have or we’ve failed to do or say something that we should have. When we reflect on our past there are times when we are not proud of the person we have been. Knowing […]

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