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Indescribable Warmth

Last weekend I traveled to Nova Scotia to visit my son and attend a fashion show he was taking part in at NSCAD University where he is enrolled in art school. On the evening of the show, I was sitting in a chair that skirted the runway, watching people arrive and feeling the buzz of […]

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Walking into Spring

Early spring is a beautiful time to take a wisdom walk. A walk where you let your mind rest and open all of your senses to the natural world. Begin by setting a clear intention to witness spring and receive all of the pleasure of its beauty and any wisdom it has to offer. Choose […]

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Bring Love to the Table

This weekend I’ll be dying eggs with whoever is willing to join me around our kitchen table. I’m hoping it will include my 4-year old grandson, Linden! We’ll get out the newspaper to cover the table and gather some jars and glasses. We’ll read the instructions on the package of dye tablets and pour vinegar […]

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Come Alive!

Earlier this week, I stepped into the wild world of my favourite forest. It’s not far away from my home but during the winter months I tend to forget about it. As soon as I entered the shelter of the trees I felt as though I was returning to the comfort of a dear old […]

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