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Finding Comfort

This morning I awoke with some heaviness in my heart. I think it must have been my response to a dream. All I can remember is that I was standing near a dark lake in the early morning. I wasn’t prepared to carry that feeling of melancholy into my day. I needed some comfort so […]

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Embrace the Warmth of Winter

This morning there was frost on my window and a bouquet of bright yellow flowers on my kitchen table. There’s something powerfully delightful in noticing contrasts. Notice the contrasts. • Messy and clean • Dark and light • Happy and sad • Hot and cold Embrace the contrasts. • Warm your cold hands against cup […]

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What I’ve Learned From Linden

I’ve been spending this week with my 18-month old grandson while his mom is away on a trip. It’s their first time apart! In the days leading up to his visit, I was reading a chapter on parenting in Brene Brown’s book, “Daring Greatly”. I identify with being what Brene calls an “engaged, imperfect (grand)parent”. […]

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Clearing Your Future

I spent the past week clearing and cleaning my home. I made space in my calendar and whenever I had a spare hour, I rolled up my sleeves and tackled an area. I urged myself into action. I paced myself. I made a game of it. I took it seriously. I offered myself compassion and […]

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A Ritual of Farewell

On January 1st, my youngest son left the “nest”. A few months earlier when he read his art school acceptance letter, my first reaction was “No! I’m not ready to let you go!” followed almost immediately by “This is going to be so wonderful for you!” Ah, the balancing act of mothering… The only reason […]

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