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I Love This Moment of Balance

During my yoga class this morning I was trying to stand in Tree Pose. It’s considered one of yoga’s balancing poses. You begin by standing with your arms at your sides distributing your weight equally in both feet. Then you shift your weight into your left foot, bend down and grab your right knee and […]

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Your Own Altar

When I wake up in the morning with heaviness in my heart, whether it’s from a dream or a situation in my life that burdens me, I look for something to comfort me. I’m not prepared to carry a gloomy feeling into my day so I go to my altar. I sit down and I […]

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Love’s Invitations

A few mornings a week I awake early and travel through the darkness to the hot yoga studio. It’s relatively easy for me to commit to this practice. When my alarm goes off I just picture the warm studio and me in the first posture which is one of resting on my back. I love […]

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Look to Love

A number of years ago my husband and I divorced and a long winter followed with powerful waves of grief. I could have lingered in disappointment or anger but instead I set a clear intention to follow a path of love as guidance during the process of letting go. I reached out to my therapist […]

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