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Choose Your Story

As 2013 comes to an end, I encourage you to spend some time looking over the past year with a compassionate heart. Mine your memory for the things that nourished you, inspired you, motivated you, brought you joy, enlivened you and delighted you. By framing your year in the positive, you will move into the […]

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Winter Solstice

Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the time when the sun is lowest and furthest south in the sky. It’s also the longest night and once again miraculously, our lives are shifting towards the light. I feel a deep connection to the natural world during this time of year, and […]

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Holy Now

Last weekend, it was such a pleasure to take my 16-month-old grandson to the green house to choose poinsettias. He and his mom were as happy as I was to step out of the cold, into a sea of colour! Over the years, I’ve shifted my attention from gift giving to celebrating the magic of […]

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Be of Good Cheer

I’m looking forward to making a trip to a local greenhouse this weekend to choose my poinsettia. There will be blooms of coral and deep red and white as far as the eye can see. What a pleasure! If you read my blog post last year, “The Irritation of Poinsettias”, you will know that I […]

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