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Season of Change

Yesterday was the Autumn Equinox. It occurred the moment the Sun crossed the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator – from north to south. On any other day of the year, the Earth’s axis tilts a little away from or towards the Sun. But on the equinox, the […]

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Have you seen any signs of spring? I had my moment this morning. When I was on my walk I heard a male cardinal calling out loud and clear from very top of a tall tree. He was singing with such vigor. I stopped for a few moments to take it in. Yeah, spring is […]

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Spring Ritual

Wednesday was the first day of spring! Sweet spring! I think it is the season that I welcome the most. I went to the florist and purchased a small bouquet of yellow daffodils and when I got home I cut the bottom of the stems and put them in a vase with fresh water. I […]

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Spring Equinox Inspiration

As I write this post in the early morning of the Spring Equinox, the light of a small candle accompanies me. I want to feel centered and focused as I write and I want my words to be infused with the energy of balance. I remember a few years ago when I sat on my […]

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