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Opening to Your Dreams

We all have dreams. Dreams for a satisfying relationship, dreams for a closer family, dreams to express our creativity through art, writing or music. Dreams inspire us to make positive changes in our lives. Dreams call us to be our very best selves, our true selves. And yet dreams can also feel like a noose […]

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For Marriage

This Saturday I am performing my first wedding! Off and on over the past few weeks I’ve sequestered myself in my studio for hours at a time writing and rewriting until only the words with just the right sentiment for the couple I’m working with remain. It was a beautiful feeling when everything finally came […]

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What Will You Do?

Last weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada. I shared a lovely dinner with friends on Saturday night, gathered with family (including my 3 year old grandson!) for a delicious meal on Sunday and paddled on a quiet lake for a picnic lunch on Monday. At one point while we were sitting on an island letting […]

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What Truly Matters

Earlier this week we lost our puppy for 25 minutes. We were about to celebrate her 6-month birthday with presents wrapped in newspaper and a cake made from puppy treats complete with a candle. I’d let her out into our fenced back yard for a few minutes. My partner, Scott and I were beside ourselves […]

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Singing Leaves

Nature is my most constant companion. Whenever I am in need of comfort, if I find my way to nature, I find solace. Nature reminds me that I am enough. In fact nature tells me that I am way more than enough. Nature talks to me through its perfectly imperfect beauty. My walk past a […]

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