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Revived by Nature

This morning I arose early after a sleepless night to take my dog, Daisy for a walk. I’m a morning person so it wasn’t hard to get out of bed and I’m devoted to our early morning meanderings so I was in fairly good spirits. But it didn’t take me long to notice how deeply […]

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Sacrifice for Love

Spending the day with my 2 ½ year old grandson earlier this week was such a joy. I knew we were going to be together all day Monday and I planned ahead and excitedly suspended my usual preoccupations. We went to the park, sat by the lake, ate oranges and animal cookies, walked all around […]

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Love at First Sight

7 years ago this weekend, I met my beloved for the first time. Meeting him was no accident. I had been tending my relationship altar faithfully for several months to align with what I called “Big Love”. I had a strong desire to share my life with someone who was willing to meet me in […]

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Discovering Courage

I have always had a fascination toward ritual that is equaled by my aversion to it. As a young person the inspiring aspects of the ritual I took part in were often blotted out by the restriction I felt doing something someone else’s way, a way that had no meaning for me. In my early […]

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Turn Your Gaze Toward Spring

A week ago I heard the black-capped chickadee announce spring with its song “springs-here…springs-here.” I was so excited I opened my back door wide and went outside to listen just to make sure it was true. At that moment, I could have chosen to hang my head in despair. After all there were still piles […]

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Love Altar

Several years ago when my former husband and I separated and divorced, along with the grieving, I also had a deeply held desire for another love relationship. Although I was in no way ready to go out looking for that special someone, I did want to nurture my desire. I have a practice that has […]

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Practicing Catch

How has the practice “Catch Yourself in the Act” that I introduced last week been going? Have you started to transform the disappointment of forgetting and the self-criticism that accompanies it into the lighthearted excitement of remembering? There is ease in accepting the invitation of a small step. This week I’d like to offer another […]

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My Son to the Rescue

A few weeks ago my sweetheart moved 9 hours away to take the job of his dreams. I was very supportive of his move. I wanted for him what I have…work that is meaningful, work that changes the world. I was sure we would shift into our long distant relationship with ease. After all, our […]

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Let Your Dreams Take Flight

I was out in my garden on a cold autumn day earlier this week. I had just wrapped my young Japanese Maple tree to protect it from the winter winds and I was raking some leaves when I looked up and noticed a milk weed pod bursting with seeds. It took my breath away! Its […]

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Drive Yourself Sane

This morning I awoke with a feeling of unease. I got up took a shower, got dressed, put my coat on, picked up my keys and went for a drive. I stopped and got tea and a muffin and headed out of town not knowing exactly where I was going, just knowing I was going. […]

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