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Begin Again with Compassion

My morning Moksha yoga class is like a moving meditation. The words spoken serve to deepen the understanding of the poses but they also translate beautifully into a wise approach to everyday life. This morning although I didn’t have the aid of pencil and paper or a recording device I will try to capture the […]

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Summer Solstice

As the sun went down on the Summer Solstice, my partner and I were swimming in our favourite swimming hole. We had the whole place to ourselves. The western sky was streaked with light radiating out of the setting sun creating a celestial atmosphere and a feeling of awe. As I floated on my back […]

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Let Simplicity be Sublime

Today when I was hanging my laundry outside to dry, I looked up and noticed the sky. There was a lower layer of puffy clouds moving quickly and an upper layer that was still. I was so delighted to have noticed! My delight turned into desire and I decided to lie down in the grass […]

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This is Summer!

I made this 3 minute video especially for you! I guarantee that if you practice this practice, this summer will be your best summer ever!

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Take one Step

My clients often thank me for keeping things simple. I have a gift for distilling complications so that the essence is more easily seen and understood. Then an actionable way forward can reveal itself. There is nothing dramatic about the work of waking up but it is beautiful when one day you look around and […]

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