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Questions Before Dark

I’ve had many “This Is Summer” moments over the past week. One of them happened as I was paddling down a slowly meandering creek and another on my first dive into my favourite swimming hole. I’d love to hear about your “This Is Summer” moments! Share yours on my Facebook Page. How do you feel […]

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As sweet as honey…

I wish you could smell this rose! It is blooming just one block from my house and I have stooped down low many a time in the past week to put my nose up to it and really take it in. Its aroma, rich like honey or a fine liqueur, is divinely inspired, I am […]

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Sweet Summer Practice

The Summer Solstice has ushered us into a time of warmth. It’s truly summer again! This warm weather only lasts a few short months here in southern Ontario. Are you ready to take it all in? Take a look at this 3-minute video with a sweet practice called “This Is Summer”. Enjoy pausing in the […]

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Do you cherish your humble and silky life?

I’ve noticed whole peony bushes in bloom around town. Mine are slowly making their way open and I can hardly wait to put my nose down in their soft petals to take a good long whiff of their aroma. Today seems to be the perfect day to share Mary Oliver’s exquisite poem called “Peonies”. Enjoy! […]

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This Green Day

Today I walked by a stream in a world of green and I saw… a carpet of green lacy green leaves underwater green a black rock framed in green a perfect resting spot covered in green And I remembered a poem by e.e. cummings that I memorized as a child. i thank You God for […]

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Rain, rain, go away…

When rain has been coming down all night long and throughout the morning and it’s in the forecast for the foreseeable future, would you rather sing “rain, rain go away” or make a cup of tea and curl up with a book? How about a little bit of both! Let out your angst and then […]

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Bring Love to the Table

This weekend I’ll be dying eggs with whoever is willing to join me around our kitchen table. I’m hoping it will include my 4-year old grandson, Linden! We’ll get out the newspaper to cover the table and gather some jars and glasses. We’ll read the instructions on the package of dye tablets and pour vinegar […]

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Still awaiting spring…

On this dreary early spring morning gentle rain is falling on night time’s snow. I sit writing at my kitchen table accompanied by a cup of hot tea and a vase of wilting flowers. Pulling them in to take a closer look, I discover a world of wonderful has been there awaiting my notice. There’s […]

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A few nights ago…

A few nights ago I was outside walking my dog in the darkness. The sidewalks were cleared of the snow that had fallen a few days earlier. The air was cold and calm. At one point I looked up through the snow-lined branches of a large tree to see the moon nestled in the deepest […]

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World a Glisten

Although I’m not a fan of the many months of cold weather, I willingly enter the season with a sense of awe.There is nothing quite as beautiful as watching the world outside begin to swirl white with snow for the first time each winter. Last night the world was a glisten with this wonder of […]

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