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What Did You Notice?

When I was on my morning walk today, I noticed a man stepping out of his house and walking to his car with his eyes focused down on his cell phone. My first thought was “how does he do that without tripping?” and my second thought was “I wonder if he is taking in any […]

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Love is Life

When I read my tea fortune this morning “Love is life. Life is love.”, I knew I had to write about gratitude. Practicing gratitude is a direct route to love. Practicing gratitude is a cure all. It lifts you up in the moment and stores up positive energy for the future. There are so many […]

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Give Yourself to Love

On Valentine’s Day give yourself to love… Arise early and watch love colour the sunrise. Sleep in late and listen to love whisper in your dreams. Declare your love by drawing a heart in the snow or the sand. Take a hot bath and enjoy love’s warmth from head to toe. Drink a cool glass […]

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Find Freedom in Discontent

Have you been complaining even more than usual lately? Great! Does the life you want seem beyond your reach? Wonderful! Are you saying things to yourself that sound something like, “I’m so tired”, “I don’t want to do that”, “This isn’t what I signed up for”, “I can’t believe I haven’t done that yet” and […]

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