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Sweeten Your Dreams

Holding my clients in the light of their greatest potential is easy for me. Although they are often hard on themselves when they express their challenges, I see them effortlessly moving forward. Our work together helps them find a healthy perspective toward their lives, a perspective that gives them more breathing room to make choices […]

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A few nights ago…

A few nights ago I was outside walking my dog in the darkness. The sidewalks were cleared of the snow that had fallen a few days earlier. The air was cold and calm. At one point I looked up through the snow-lined branches of a large tree to see the moon nestled in the deepest […]

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Starlet Singer

When I was going through some of my mom’s paperwork preparing for her memorial service and writing her obituary, I came across a newspaper clipping that I’d never seen before. It had a photo of her when she was about 17 years old. It read …”Highschool senior will be the youngest soloist with the youngest […]

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An Unexpected Ritual

In times of great need, I’ve always relied on personal ceremony to bring me back from the brink. But a few years ago after my sweetheart moved 9 hours away from home, I was beyond distressed. Fortunately, my 18-year-old son Gabe came to my rescue. I was supportive of my partner’s move. I wanted for […]

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