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The Encouragement of Light

I have been living in the presence of a beautiful amaryllis this week. I planted it after Christmas and now it is bursting with colour. Every day I spend some time with it. There’s so much to learn from flowers. Clearly, this amaryllis knows what it takes to blossom…a little water, a lot of light […]

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Turn Your Gaze Toward Spring

A week ago I heard the black-capped chickadee announce spring with its song “springs-here…springs-here.” I was so excited I opened my back door wide and went outside to listen just to make sure it was true. At that moment, I could have chosen to hang my head in despair. After all there were still piles […]

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Rest in Love’s Embrace

Today, whether you find yourself snuggled up with your sweetheart Or alone in the quiet, I invite you to close your eyes and slowly begin breathing in and out. Let your breath encourage your heart to gently open. Imagine it to be like the blooming of a flower or the warmth of the sun. Receive […]

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Love Changes

Times of transition are often fraught with emotion. And yet, when you align with love rather than fear, you always find your way forward to new ground that supports you like no other. I work with my clients to find that new place. Whether they are experiencing the loss of love, the desire for dreams […]

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