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Do you cherish your humble and silky life?

I’ve noticed whole peony bushes in bloom around town. Mine are slowly making their way open and I can hardly wait to put my nose down in their soft petals to take a good long whiff of their aroma. Today seems to be the perfect day to share Mary Oliver’s exquisite poem called “Peonies”. Enjoy! […]

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This Green Day

Today I walked by a stream in a world of green and I saw… a carpet of green lacy green leaves underwater green a black rock framed in green a perfect resting spot covered in green And I remembered a poem by e.e. cummings that I memorized as a child. i thank You God for […]

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Instruments of Grace

At times our everyday lives can seem troubling or tiring; when listening to the news is a never ending litany of despair, accomplishing our To-Do list is an impossibility and taking action on our intentions seems thwarted by the uncertainty we feel toward change. It’s at times like these that we are desperate for some […]

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Rain, rain, go away…

When rain has been coming down all night long and throughout the morning and it’s in the forecast for the foreseeable future, would you rather sing “rain, rain go away” or make a cup of tea and curl up with a book? How about a little bit of both! Let out your angst and then […]

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Sweet Silence

Sweet silence. I’ve always felt an affinity for it. On weekend nights during my last year in high school, along with cruising around town looking for fun, my best friend and I would make time to stop in at a Catholic church. We both knew that the doors would be open and that no one […]

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Making Way for a New Year

As 2016 comes to an end, I encourage you to spend some time reflecting over the past year. Set a few uninterrupted hours aside. Make a cup of tea, get out your journal and find a comfortable place to sit to mine your memory for the things that nourished you, inspired you, motivated you, brought […]

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This is the best!

Yesterday morning I walked past a tree that was so beautiful in the early morning light that it took my breath away. The sun kissed orange leaves glowed and made the sky look bluer than blue. In that moment all my cares fell away and I was whole. Here’s a poem that says it all. […]

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Summertime… Hanging laundry on the line. The presence of delicate flowers. Canoeing on a quiet lake. Sharing a bowl full of cherries. Enjoy the moments.

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Swimming Home

Last week as we were paddling toward the island where we were going to camp, I noticed a beautiful spot off the shore that looked perfect for swimming. It was on the calm side of the island and although there were some small lily pads that might be a challenge to swim through, not too […]

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Sleeping in the Forest

This week I’m in the wilds of southern Ontario. I’m paddling in my canoe with my sweetheart and our puppy. I’ve included a few photos of canoe trips from years past and a beautiful poem by Mary Oliver. Oh, Mary Oliver, thank you again and again and again for illuminating the feeling of connection with […]

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