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Mealtime Rituals

When I was a child our family would sit down for lunch together every Sunday after church. My father would always say the grace. “God bless this food to our use and us to thy service and make us ever mindful of the needs of others.” As a child the words got all slurred in […]

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Nourishing a Lifetime

Many of my clients are going through major life transitions like getting married, having a baby, moving into a new home or letting go of an important relationship due to separation or death. By creating practices and ceremonies they are able to move through the transition with a sense of grace so that they can […]

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Practice with Dandelions

This week I ordered new cheques with butterflies and the saying, “Let nature be your teacher.” I have always looked to nature for inspiration. It offers clear lessons that ease my way through life. I’ve learned how to let go of resistance and live in the flow from paying attention to the patterns of a […]

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Becoming ‘Mia’

Almost a year ago I moved into a new phase of my life, one that up until that point I wasn’t ready to embrace. I became “Mia”. It happened unexpectedly when I was attending a workshop and there weren’t quite enough chairs. I was about to sit on the floor when a young woman came […]

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Ritual of Letting Go

When my husband and I separated, a long winter followed with waves of grief so powerful they knocked me to the ground. Fortunately I had a very clear intention to find a path of love in the letting go that was required of me. I reached out for help. My therapist listened to my story […]

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