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Lingering in Summer

This week I dived into summer. It was one of the first hot Ontario days and it was dripping with humidity. When my son suggested that we go to our favourite swimming hole, without hesitation, I stopped what I was doing, changed into my swimsuit, grabbed my bottle of water and my towel and jumped […]

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Summer Solstice Walk

Today is the first day of summer. I am so happy to be here! Living in Ontario where we experience dramatic changes in the seasons, it feels like it’s such a long journey each year returning to summer, my favourite season. This morning I took my camera with me when I went on an early […]

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Practicing Catch

How has the practice “Catch Yourself in the Act” that I introduced last week been going? Have you started to transform the disappointment of forgetting and the self-criticism that accompanies it into the lighthearted excitement of remembering? There is ease in accepting the invitation of a small step. This week I’d like to offer another […]

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Catch Yourself in the Act

There are many things we do in our day-to-day lives that have a negative undertone. It’s surprisingly easy to “catch yourself in the act” and turn those negative undertones into positive overtones. I guarantee the result will have a surprisingly big impact on your life. How often have you left something important at home? You’re […]

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