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Shower Love

Anticipating the birth of a baby is a perfect time to bring family and friends together in a meaningful celebration. When going through one of life’s big changes, people long for connection where important words are spoken and love is shared. When I was planning a baby shower with a new “mom to be” she […]

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Manifesto of the Heart

This summer I turned 60! I’ve been making my way to this very special birthday for a while now. It began three years ago when a young woman offered me her chair. I arrived late to a workshop and when she stood up and whispered, “take my chair, after all, I’m young”, I realized that […]

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I Choose

Last week, my family met in Iowa to gather around my 93 year old father’s bedside as he was moving towards death. Those days of vigil were so beautiful. We held his hand and talked to him, my mother sang to him, we all sang together, the minister visited (he sang with us too), the […]

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Take Time

Late last night I returned from a 10-day trip to Nova Scotia. We chose to wind our way home on the back roads, which took several hours longer, but the perspective gained was one of a connection to the landscape we were traveling through and to the people who lived there. It was so satisfying! […]

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A Week of Transformation

This week I welcomed my sweetheart back home after his year and a half of working and living away. I’d traveled to Massachusetts to spend a week helping him pack and during that time we’d made a plan to change our house around from top to bottom repurposing most of the rooms. I would move […]

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A Ritual of Goodbye

I share my stories with you week after week in hopes that you can find yourself somewhere in the telling. I want to inspire you to create your own meaningful rituals that will open the way to a life that feels more free! It’s time to say another goodbye, this time to a place that […]

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Winter Solstice

Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the time when the sun is lowest and furthest south in the sky. It’s also the longest night and once again miraculously, our lives are shifting towards the light. I feel a deep connection to the natural world during this time of year, and […]

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Honouring 90 Years!

How do you honour a woman who has lived for 90 years? That was the puzzle my siblings and I were trying to solve when we met in Iowa a few weeks ago to celebrate our mother’s 90th birthday. My mom had requested a small family gathering so my sister and my brother and I […]

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Rituals of Parting

When I tell people about my family they are often puzzled at how well we stay together even after we separate and divorce. We are collection of ex’s, “presents” and “futures” that still enjoy spending time together. My family agrees that our bond is “bigger” than our breakups and we are willing to do the […]

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Celebrating Endings

It was such an honour to be invited to lead a ceremony for the mentoring group I was a part of a few years ago. We had spend 12 months working together and we had all been profoundly changed by the experience. I wanted to create something that would have meaning to all of the […]

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