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Is it Time?

So often I talk with people who wish they had acknowledged an important transition. They or someone they were close to had a special birthday or a graduation or started a new job or moved into a new home but they didn’t do anything to celebrate. Such regret! They were too busy or didn’t know […]

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Welcome Spring!

A few weeks ago I opened a door and stepped into the full bloom of spring. Outside it was a snowy grey day but inside, the greenhouse was awash with the vibrant colours and the sweet aroma of spring. As I looked around, everyone’s faces were lit up with pure delight. It felt so good […]

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The Antidote to Angst

Gratefulness is a lovely quality to cultivate. When you wake in the morning, practice gratefulness even before you get out of bed. Naming 3 things you are grateful for will set a positive tone to your day. “I am grateful for the morning light, I am grateful for my warm bed, I am grateful for […]

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Pay Attention!

I have a Balinese bell that sits on my altar. When I pick it up and ring it, the air in the room fills with its clear resonance. Something shifts inside me when I listen to that bell. I can’t help but take a deep breath and tune into my body. I sit up straight […]

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