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“Speaking Your Peace”

As the cool morning air gently enters the window where I’m writing I notice two robins flitting in the bushes and two butterflies dancing in the tall grass. Occasionally, I see someone walking along the path that winds through the small cemetery across the laneway from the house where I am visiting. There is a […]

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Looking for Happiness

Do you ever have times when you’re in the middle of an emotional melt down and your negative self-talk is running rampant? You’re saying things to yourself like “You’re so stupid!”, “I can’t believe you did that again!”, “You will never learn!” or “What a looser!”. You’re flooded with the intensity of your feelings and […]

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It’s Still Summer!

Have you had any “This is Summer!” moments recently? There’s still time to make sure that you store them up. Earlier this week I had a “This is Summer!” moment when I was preparing to take a bite of my waffle. On a recent paddle in my canoe, I paused for a moment and took […]

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Home Sweet Home

Purchasing a new home the spring after my 14year marriage ended marked a significant new beginning for me. I knew I wanted to bring something dear to me the very first time I stepped inside my new home to set the tone for my life there. I thought long and hard about what that item […]

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Celebrating Endings

It was such an honour to be invited to lead a ceremony for the mentoring group I was a part of a few years ago. We had spend 12 months working together and we had all been profoundly changed by the experience. I wanted to create something that would have meaning to all of the […]

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