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Creating Moments

Have you ever attended a celebration where nothing special was said? The invitations were sent, the food was prepared, the guests arrived, the party was in full swing and you wondered when the guest of honour was going to be acknowledged but sadly, it never happened. It’s so easy to miss the moment and it […]

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Back from the Brink

In times of great need, I’ve always relied on ceremonies that I’ve created for myself to bring me back from the brink. But 2 years ago after my sweetheart moved 9 hours away from home, I was beyond distressed. Fortunately, my 18 year old son Gabe came to my rescue. I was supportive of my […]

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Ceremony is You

When I was a child I was equally as restricted as I was excited by the ceremonies I attended. As a young teen, I was confirmed at my church and the pleasure of wearing a new dress was counterbalanced by having to sit still, stand up straight and memorize something that had no meaning to […]

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I Have a New Ritual

I have a new ritual. I’ve been doing it every day now for a week. Sometimes I choose my rituals. I have a need or a desire so I plan a ritual and then I perform it once or many times depending on its purpose. Not so for this ritual. This one chose me. On […]

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Light the New Year

There is something profound about the turning of the year. There is energy in the air that you can’t help but notice. It holds the potential of new beginning. I invite you to open to this heightened awareness in the simple ritual of lighting a candle. In the quiet of this New Year (new day, […]

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