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Self Blessing

Last weekend I spent a day with three dear friends who touched me with their words of love. We laughed, we cried and we all found ourselves “home” again. I feel so fortunate. “Sometimes it is necessary to re-teach a thing its loveliness”(Galway Kinnell). So true. When we feel despair, unworthy, broken, each of us […]

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Spontaneous Ritual

This summer, after we packed up our campsite loaded the canoe and were ready to leave for home, I said “Wait, we have one more thing to do! We have to say goodbye!” My partner and I stopped everything, returned to our campsite and walked around it one last time. We said, thank you to […]

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Let Yourself be Called

Earlier this week, I went out in my back yard to fill the bird feeder with seed. It was a bright afternoon and my eye was drawn to a giant spider web perfectly illuminated in the sun. It took my breath away. What a work of art! I got up close to observe the complex […]

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I Choose

Last week, my family met in Iowa to gather around my 93 year old father’s bedside as he was moving towards death. Those days of vigil were so beautiful. We held his hand and talked to him, my mother sang to him, we all sang together, the minister visited (he sang with us too), the […]

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