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Yoga Wisdom for a Sacred Life

Today was the last day of my 30-day yoga challenge. I felt such gratitude as I relaxed into the final pose. Not because it was over but rather because I had found a practice that I was able to devote myself to with out question. Did I benefit? Yes, I did. I grew stronger in […]

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Spring Ritual

Wednesday was the first day of spring! Sweet spring! I think it is the season that I welcome the most. I went to the florist and purchased a small bouquet of yellow daffodils and when I got home I cut the bottom of the stems and put them in a vase with fresh water. I […]

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Offer a Gesture

The late winter weather is ever changing. One day recently my son and I were soaking up the sun on our front porch and on the next day there was a world of white snow. Warm days followed and the snow began to melt but this morning when I opened the door I was greeted […]

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Find Balance Now

This morning at my early morning yoga class, I was practicing tree pose. Tree pose is a balancing pose where you stand on one leg and put the other foot against your standing leg’s calf or thigh while holding your hands in prayer position in front of your heart. It looks simple but it’s not. […]

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No Regrets

Do you have regrets? Regrets eat away at the joy in your life. Many people say that they have regrets about not doing anything special for themselves or their loved ones when they were experiencing milestones in their lives. Some of the regrets I’ve heard recently are “I wish we would have stopped in the […]

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