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Clearing Your Future

I spent the past week clearing and cleaning my home. I made space in my calendar and whenever I had a spare hour, I rolled up my sleeves and tackled an area. I urged myself into action. I paced myself. I made a game of it. I took it seriously. I offered myself compassion and […]

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You Need Help!

Face it. You need help. We all do. We cannot do everything on our own. I reached out years ago and the effect of that action is still reverberating in my life. I can’t remember how I found Cindy but I do know that after I found her, I couldn’t imagine life with out someone […]

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Does Your Home Need to Catch Up with You?

  Many of my clients are professional women who are proficient in their work lives.  They have spent many years helping others.  They are counselors, massage therapists, teachers, artists and they are often mothers who have been focused on raising their children. Their ability in their professional lives is awesome.  They have been changing the […]

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Your House Cleans YOU!

When you feel resistance to cleaning your house I want you to know that your home is just waiting for you to engage with it. It is offering you a hand and inviting you to take action.  It’s on those days when you are feeling resistance that you have the opportunity to let your house […]

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A Better Way

When I clean house with awareness my home becomes my teacher. It always calms me when I’m feeling agitated and inspires me when I am feeling down. There are so many insights that are revealed as I care for my home. Read further to find out how my home showed me a better way! Today […]

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Visual Peace

The holiday season can be an especially challenging time to keep your home in order. No matter how much you simplify your relationship to the holidays there are always friends to visit, presents to purchase and wrap, cards to write, new recipes to try out. I know that I am especially good at leaving a […]

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Surf’s Up!

                Surf’s Up! It was early September and the very first day of school. My son gave me a big hug and went out the front door.  I watched him walk down the block to meet two of his friends, big smiles on all of their faces.  Ahhh…summer […]

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