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Moon Blessing

Last night my partner Scott invited me on a full moon walk. In all of the 10 years that we have been together, he has never asked me to go on a full moon walk so I said, “Yes!” We walked on the night path that he usually takes with our dog and went places […]

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This Green Day

Today I walked by a stream in a world of green and I saw… a carpet of green lacy green leaves underwater green a black rock framed in green a perfect resting spot covered in green And I remembered a poem by e.e. cummings that I memorized as a child. i thank You God for […]

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Nature’s Blessing

Nature saves me at some point almost every day. It saves me from rushing, overwhelm, preoccupation, dissatisfaction, criticism, unhappiness, anger, misunderstandings and on and on. The list is endless. And on days when I’m not any of those things, at the very least, the natural world uplifts me out of the ordinary. Nature stops me […]

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Come Alive!

Earlier this week, I stepped into the wild world of my favourite forest. It’s not far away from my home but during the winter months I tend to forget about it. As soon as I entered the shelter of the trees I felt as though I was returning to the comfort of a dear old […]

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World a Glisten

Although I’m not a fan of the many months of cold weather, I willingly enter the season with a sense of awe.There is nothing quite as beautiful as watching the world outside begin to swirl white with snow for the first time each winter. Last night the world was a glisten with this wonder of […]

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This is the best!

Yesterday morning I walked past a tree that was so beautiful in the early morning light that it took my breath away. The sun kissed orange leaves glowed and made the sky look bluer than blue. In that moment all my cares fell away and I was whole. Here’s a poem that says it all. […]

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When life gets intense…

I spent last week visiting my mom in Iowa as she celebrated her 93rd birthday. Although she is (finally) beginning to slow down, her mind is crystal clear and my siblings and I felt fortunate to have some time together with her. My brother flew in from the east coast, my sister flew in from […]

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Swimming Home

Last week as we were paddling toward the island where we were going to camp, I noticed a beautiful spot off the shore that looked perfect for swimming. It was on the calm side of the island and although there were some small lily pads that might be a challenge to swim through, not too […]

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Sleeping in the Forest

This week I’m in the wilds of southern Ontario. I’m paddling in my canoe with my sweetheart and our puppy. I’ve included a few photos of canoe trips from years past and a beautiful poem by Mary Oliver. Oh, Mary Oliver, thank you again and again and again for illuminating the feeling of connection with […]

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An Upside Down World

One day last week I awakened before the light of day and I went to my window and felt the coolness of the early morning air pouring in. I looked up and noticed fast moving multi-layered clouds very close to earth. They were streaming quickly through a deep blue sky and after awhile it seemed […]

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