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Return to the Moment

Sometimes when I’m in need, I bring back the memory of a particular beach I used to walk on during my winter trips south. I visited the same area many times over the years and developed a sense of belonging most particularly to the beach I walked each morning. I remember clearly the sensation of […]

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The Sound of Silence

Sweet silence. I’ve always felt an affinity for it. On weekend nights during my last year in high school, along with cruising around town looking for fun, my best friend and I would make time to stop in at a Catholic church. We both knew that the doors would be open and that no one […]

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Room for Love

Gratitude is a lovely quality to cultivate. When you wake in the morning, practice gratitude even before you get out of bed. Naming 3 things you are grateful for will set a positive tone to your day. “I am grateful for the morning light, I am grateful for my warm bed, I am grateful for […]

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My Autumn Confession

Today when I should could have been writing my blog post…. I was paddling my canoe on the glassy waters of a quiet lake. Nothing could compare to the nourishment of an unexpected day in nature. I encourage you to take some time away from your usual routine to experience the unfolding miracle of this […]

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