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Radical Acceptance

This month I’ve been rereading Tara Brach’s book “Radical Acceptance”. It’s an awesome book filled with wisdom about living a life of self-compassion. Leaf through a copy at the bookstore just so you can read the uplifting quotes at the beginning of each chapter. Here’s one from the chapter entitled “Waking from the Trance: The […]

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Have you seen any signs of spring? I had my moment this morning. When I was on my walk I heard a male cardinal calling out loud and clear from very top of a tall tree. He was singing with such vigor. I stopped for a few moments to take it in. Yeah, spring is […]

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Nature Is Awaiting You

Last night, after an intense session at my computer working toward a self-imposed deadline, I let out a big sigh and went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. With the pace I’d been keeping all day, I had gone beyond the edge of my energy reserve and I felt exhausted. Instinctively I […]

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Here Comes the Sun

This morning, as usual, I was up early for my morning walk. I had my snow pants on. My feet were all snuggled into my warm boots. My hood was pulled up. My face was covered with a scarf. I had gone through this same routine day after day in the last few weeks but […]

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