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Rest in Love’s Embrace

Today, whether you find yourself snuggled up with your sweetheart Or alone in the quiet, I invite you to close your eyes and slowly begin breathing in and out. Let your breath encourage your heart to gently open. Imagine it to be like the blooming of a flower or the warmth of the sun. Receive […]

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Showering Love

I attended a lovely baby shower last Sunday. When planning the shower the new “mom to be” said, “I’m looking forward to spending time with all the women of my family in an intimate gathering. I would be happy to just have their company, blessings and advice!” We kept it simple. Everyone brought something delectable […]

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Antidote to Busy

Mixed with the newly fallen snow on my front walk, there is a scattering of multicolored rose petals. Yesterday I took a few moments to ‘petal’ the wilting bouquet of roses and cast them out my door. It’s one of my simple pleasures. Today, the sight of the unexpected beauty on my snow covered walkway […]

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Community Ceremony

This week it was my pleasure to lead another group of people in a ceremony in celebration of summer! We created a ‘walking poem’ as we moved in a circle casting rose petals and calling out words and phrases describing the taste, sound, touch, sight and smell of summer. Some of our words overlapped and […]

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The Blessing of the Bride

Imagine a group of women gathering early in the morning. They are laughing and talking as introductions are made. Before long they form a circle on the grass and they sit and await the arrival of someone special. Soon a woman appears accompanied by another.  She is guided to a comfortable chair in the circle, […]

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A Golden Ceremony

I bow my head in gratitude for the experience of having taken part in my mentor Christine Kane’s Gold Mastermind this past year. The 30 women (and one amazing man) that I shared the journey with have become dear friends. We gathered from across North America to step into our brilliance so that we could […]

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A “Garden” of Roses

A simple bouquet of roses can remind you about the qualities of joy, beauty, abundance, vitality and creativity. When you create space for beauty in your home, a whole world of possibility opens to you. This is the second in my series of “imperfect” videos as I take steps to hone my skills in the […]

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I Know This Rose Will Open

                    “I know this rose will open.  I know my fear will burn away. I know my soul will unfurl its wings.  I know this rose will open.” (Mary E. Grigolia) The words to this song (that my choir sang this spring) became my mantra for […]

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