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Blossoming in the New Year

This year I gave each family member an amaryllis bulb for Christmas. The box that they came in contained a bulb, a small pot and some planting medium. The directions on the box were clear and simple. All that is required of each of my family members is that they remove the bulb from the […]

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Solstice Celebration

Today is the Winter Solstice. Those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere have experienced the longest night and once again our lives are shifting towards the light. When I get very quiet during this time of year, I feel a deep connection to the natural world and I appreciate the support it gives […]

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Sweet Darkness

This week I had a day where my emotions would not be contained. There has been a mountain of change in my life over the past 6 months and although I have walked through it with my eyes and heart wide open yesterday I felt cracked open by emotion. A walk by a stream, lots […]

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The Irritation of Poinsettias

When I was young I hated poinsettias. They were everywhere at Christmas and I thought they were gaudy. After Christmas people would hang onto them for months and I would notice them crowded with other plants in the corners of their homes wilting and gathering dust. I’m not sure when I started to see them […]

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