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Still awaiting spring…

On this dreary early spring morning gentle rain is falling on night time’s snow. I sit writing at my kitchen table accompanied by a cup of hot tea and a vase of wilting flowers. Pulling them in to take a closer look, I discover a world of wonderful has been there awaiting my notice. There’s […]

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Starlet Singer

When I was going through some of my mom’s paperwork preparing for her memorial service and writing her obituary, I came across a newspaper clipping that I’d never seen before. It had a photo of her when she was about 17 years old. It read …”Highschool senior will be the youngest soloist with the youngest […]

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Lions and Tigers and Bears

My life this week has been filled with contrasts. On the one hand, I’ve been immersed in fun as I accompany my dog to play practice. Yes, I said my dog! Daisy is playing “Toto” in a community production of “The Wizard of Oz”. We have delighted in her ability to bond with the cast […]

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Guidance is Around You

Sometimes you can get so caught up in your mind’s negative chatter that it becomes your truth. But the moment you look up from your discomfort, Love touches your heart with the happiness growing in the faces of sunflowers. Let yourself be guided. You can get stuck in the rut of familiarity. But when you […]

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Endings and Beginnings

I love summer more than any other season. I love the beauty of the flowers, the aroma, the moisture in the air, the freedom of movement, the stars, swimming, fireflies, fresh fruit, bare feet, bare shoulders, swimming, canoeing, camping, morning walks, swimming, lemonade, eating every meal outside, wading in the creek, and on and on. […]

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Swimming Home

Last week as we were paddling toward the island where we were going to camp, I noticed a beautiful spot off the shore that looked perfect for swimming. It was on the calm side of the island and although there were some small lily pads that might be a challenge to swim through, not too […]

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Invite the Cold to Warm You

One morning this week I awoke to frost on my window. I imagined it must be bitterly cold outside and my attention turned toward the hot cup of tea I was holding in my hands. We live in a world of contrasts. • Messy and clean • Dark and light • Happy and sad • […]

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Return to the Moment

Sometimes when I’m in need, I bring back the memory of a particular beach I used to walk on during my winter trips south. I visited the same area many times over the years and developed a sense of belonging most particularly to the beach I walked each morning. I remember clearly the sensation of […]

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Living in Your Light

I greet my Get Acquainted phone conversations with anticipation and excitement. When my potential clients fill out a few questions to prepare for our first call, they offer honest answers and let me in on some very personal joys and challenges in their lives. They willingly show themselves to me through their words. Before we’ve […]

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Radical Acceptance

This month I’ve been rereading Tara Brach’s book “Radical Acceptance”. It’s an awesome book filled with wisdom about living a life of self-compassion. Leaf through a copy at the bookstore just so you can read the uplifting quotes at the beginning of each chapter. Here’s one from the chapter entitled “Waking from the Trance: The […]

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