Swimming Home

Last week as we were paddling toward the island where we were going to camp, I noticed a beautiful spot off the shore that looked perfect for swimming. It was on the calm side of the island and although there were some small lily pads that might be a challenge to swim through, not too far out it looked like the water was clear and deep.

The following morning, I awoke early and made my way to the swimming spot. It was a magical place with a large rock that angled gently down toward the waters edge. I sat down on the rock face that had already been warmed by the morning sun.

I stood up in anticipation and stayed at the edge of the water for the longest time. I wanted to swim but I felt hesitant.

The water felt cool on my feet…would it feel cold once I was in?

I looked at the lily pads that were growing between me and the open water…would I feel uncomfortable swimming through them?

I looked out further into the water…would I run into a shallow area of rock where I hoped it would be deep?

I love to swim but I was hesitant about all of the unknowns. I started stepping forward little by little.

I looked out to the water glistening in the sun. I connected with the place way out in the lake where I was drawn to going. I asked nature for assistance in the form of a clear invitation.

I felt my courage gathering and… I bent over and skimmed through the surface of the water, felt the tickle of the lily pads and moved beyond into the deep toward the glistening sun.


There are so many times in life when we know what would calm us, nurture us, inspire us but something gets in our way. We get overwhelmed, exhausted, preoccupied or scared.

The wonders of life are awaiting you. Talk to a friend, work with a mentor or connect with nature to be reminded of who you truly are.

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