Endings and Beginnings


I love summer more than any other season.

I love the beauty of the flowers, the aroma, the moisture in the air, the freedom of movement, the stars, swimming, fireflies, fresh fruit, bare feet, bare shoulders, swimming, canoeing, camping, morning walks, swimming, lemonade, eating every meal outside, wading in the creek, and on and on.

Of all the places I’ve lived, Southern Ontario has the best summers, hands down.

Because I know that summer doesn’t last long here, my arms are outstretched, poised to take in every bit of summer.

I call Ontario summers “High Summer”. Here, the humidity is sometimes off the charts, the lakes are warm and the cicadas sing out boldly.

I am in heaven during these few months of the year. Summer nourishes me through and through.

There’s always a time in late August when the season begins tipping towards autumn. The night temperature drops, the lake water begins to cool and I put a sweater on when I go out for my morning walk.

For me, this time of year is bittersweet because I know that something I love is coming to an end. It’s beautiful in a way, because knowing that, I’m able to savour summer’s moments all the more.

And so, I begin to gently let go of summer.

And in doing so, I start to open to fall: the crisp air, the nights cool for sleeping and the energy of a new beginning.

Autumn has its own beauty.

Oh, that feels better.

Are you changing with the seasons?

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