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Find Silence

Sweet silence. I’ve always felt an affinity for it. On weekend nights during my last year in high school, along with cruising around town looking for fun, my best friend and I would make time to stop in at a Catholic church. We both knew that the doors would be open and that no one […]

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It’s such a beautiful time of year… Whether it’s yellow petaled, yellow washed, yellow feathered, or a colourful garden of delight. Enjoy the moments!

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Discovering Courage

I have always had a fascination toward ritual that is equaled by my aversion to it. As a young person the inspiring aspects of the ritual I took part in were often blotted out by the restriction I felt doing something someone else’s way, a way that had no meaning for me. In my early […]

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Pausing the Whirl

I have a gift for distilling complications. When I work with clients I help them find what’s at the essence of a challenging situation and then an actionable way forward easily reveals itself. There is nothing dramatic about the work of “waking up”. One day you notice your life has changed for the better. Looking […]

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