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A Loving Way to End Your Day

I love it when quotes arrive at just the right time. “Be willing to find things you love about yourself and others, and your demons will melt away. Your fears cannot exist in the same place that love and gentleness abide”. David Carson Reading this the other day was like receiving a healing balm. One […]

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A New View

At times, we are all in need of a new perspective. It’s not easy to find a fresh view of a situation, place or person that we are used to interacting with day to day. We think we know exactly what’s going on, where we are and whom we are with. Here’s a simple practice […]

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Bejeweled Splendor

On this morning’s walk I noticed fresh green plants bejeweled with last night’s rain, tulips bursting with colour, seeds from the tree above dancing on the sidewalk, spotted leaves and dainty blooms, a show of pink awaiting bees delight, glowing splendor; and all the while, through and through, I was aware of my good fortune. […]

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Celebrating 90 Years

How do you honour a woman who has lived for 90 years? That was the puzzle my siblings and I were trying to solve when we met in Iowa (2 years ago) to celebrate our mother’s 90th birthday. My mom had requested a small family gathering so my sister and my brother and I flew […]

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