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A Ritual of Goodbye

I share my stories with you week after week in hopes that you can find yourself somewhere in the telling. I want to inspire you to create your own meaningful rituals that will open the way to a life that feels more free! It’s time to say another goodbye, this time to a place that […]

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Windows Wide Open

As I left home to go on a trip earlier this week, I gave the peonies in my garden one last sniff. I adore my peonies and this spring I’ve been making it a practice to pay attention to each and every one of them as they bloom. I have three different kinds of peonies, […]

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The Voice of Inner Wisdom

Do you find it challenging to make important decisions? Once you’ve made a decision do you find yourself second-guessing it, what felt clear begins to feel clouded with doubt? All of us have a chorus of voices vying for attention but it’s up to us to choose which voice gets to be the soloist. When […]

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Green Day

This week when I spent the day with my grandson, it was one of curly haired simplicity. Along with our usual rituals of toasting sunflower seeds (he can’t get enough of their crunchy deliciousness), throwing a handful of felted dryer balls against the walls of my meditation room (this is usually worth a half hour […]

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