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Choose Your Life

This week when I was traveling, I had the good fortune of passing through the corridor between Concourse B and C in Terminal 1 at Chicago’s O’Hare airport. As I descended the stairs I was greeted by an unexpected show of light. Entitled “Sky’s the Limit”, this is reported to be the world’s largest light […]

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Dandelion Ceremony

I made a video for you today.  It’s about a dandelion ceremony from my childhood!  Enjoy!

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The Blessing of the Bride

Imagine a group of women gathering early in the morning. They are laughing and talking as introductions are made. Before long they form a circle on the grass and they sit and await the arrival of someone special. Soon a woman appears accompanied by another.  She is guided to a comfortable chair in the circle, […]

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Does Your Home Need to Catch Up with You?

  Many of my clients are professional women who are proficient in their work lives.  They have spent many years helping others.  They are counselors, massage therapists, teachers, artists and they are often mothers who have been focused on raising their children. Their ability in their professional lives is awesome.  They have been changing the […]

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