Does Your Home Need to Catch Up with You?


Many of my clients are professional women who are proficient in their work lives.  They have spent many years helping others.  They are counselors, massage therapists, teachers, artists and they are often mothers who have been focused on raising their children.

Their ability in their professional lives is awesome.  They have been changing the world by devoting themselves to their clients and loved ones.

But back at home there’s work to do.  Their home has often been the last place to get attention and it is not congruent with the rest of their lives.

The women who come to me are highly motivated to make a change.  They are ready to make their home their haven but they often don’t know where to begin.  They feel like they should be able to do it on their own.  They are confident in so many areas of their lives but they are overwhelmed and stressed when it comes to their homes.

In our sessions together we begin by creating a vision for their space.  Having a clear vision helps them move through the confusion, self-doubt, shame and other feelings that come up when they finally pay attention to their home.

I offer weekly practices that help my clients align with their vision.  I support them to literally move in new ways as they establish healthy habits and new systems.

Our work is practical.

In our sessions we clear out the clutter and enliven each living space and at the same time my clients experience a shift in perspective toward themselves and their lives. The process of creating and performing personal ceremony is integrated into our work.  Personal ceremony provides the clarity and focus to support new intentions and to celebrate the shifts.

Our work is spiritual.

I remember a session where my one of my clients who is working in my ‘Ultimate Sacred Life’ 9 month program took a deep breath and said, “I foolishly thought it would take two sessions to clear this part of my home.  I didn’t know that so much confusion would come up. I didn’t know the issues that I would be working through. I have had so many life changing realizations and now I get it.  We are changing my home but more importantly we are changing me!”

At this realization she laughed and laughed.  For her it was such a liberating feeling to know that something as ‘mundane’ as cleaning house could be her key to awareness and newfound freedom.

Our work is emotional.

Because our work together is a blend of practical, emotional and spiritual profound and sustained shifts occur.  My clients embark on a life changing journey and over the course of our time together they find their way to a whole new place, a place that is infused with all the comforts of home.

What are some ways your home needs to catch up with you?  Take one small action to make that happen.

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