Your House Cleans YOU!

When you feel resistance to cleaning your house I want you to know that your home is just waiting for you to engage with it. It is offering you a hand and inviting you to take action.  It’s on those days when you are feeling resistance that you have the opportunity to let your house clean you.

To shift from stuck into action choose slow but deliberate movements. Make it small, one motion at a time, no looking forward to the end result, just being with each movement.

Say to your self, “I’m plugging the sink”, “I’m putting the soap in the sink”, “I’m turning on the hot water”. “I’m watching the sink fill”. “ I’m turning off the hot water”, “I’m picking up the glass”, “I’m putting it in the water”, “I’m moving the dish cloth around the glass and cleaning the glass”.  “I’m lifting the glass and rinsing it in the stream of warm water”.  “I’m placing it in the drainer”.  “I’m picking up the plate…”

Move through the dishes one by one.

If you find your mind wandering, gently bring it back to your movements. Engage yourself for a few minutes in the challenge of moving from resistance into action.

There is beauty in the process.  It’s you there.  It’s you there in the hands that move, the water that warms. It’s you there, cleaning the dishes. And as you are cleaning you are also being cleaned.

It’s on these days when it’s difficult to get moving but somehow you do, one deliberate action after another, that more important than you cleaning the house is that you are letting the house clean you!

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