The Blessing of the Bride

Imagine a group of women gathering early in the morning. They are laughing and talking as introductions are made. Before long they form a circle on the grass and they sit and await the arrival of someone special.

Soon a woman appears accompanied by another.  She is guided to a comfortable chair in the circle, a chair that has been especially prepared for her with white fabric, ribbons and a few roses at her feet.

After she is seated she takes the time to look around the circle noticing dear friends, family members and women newly met. After a welcome and a simple explanation of what’s about to happen, each woman one by one shares words of wisdom and kind thoughts of love.  Heads nod in agreement, tissues are passed as tears flow and occasionally laughter gently erupts.

Poems are recited, chimes sound, silence surrounds and the ‘bride to be’ relaxes into the beauty of the moment on the morning of her wedding day.  She takes a deep breath and as she feels the love and support of the women in the circle she experiences a sense of readiness. She lets go of the stress of planning.  She sheds her anxiety with a few tears and feels a real sense of belonging to something much larger than herself.

The women sing a simple song to the bride and the ceremony draws to a close. Bubbly drink is poured and a toast is offered.  As the women slowly leave the circle there is a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that the work of joining two families together has now begun and it’s being supported with a foundation of love.

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