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You Need Help!

Face it. You need help. We all do. We cannot do everything on our own. I reached out years ago and the effect of that action is still reverberating in my life. I can’t remember how I found Cindy but I do know that after I found her, I couldn’t imagine life with out someone […]

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There are times…

There are times in life when hope seems like a distant voice, and the only action that makes sense is to light a candle, sit in the presence of beauty and place your hands together in silent prayer…

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Spring Wisdom

I am spending the week working with my mentor in Asheville, North Carolina, where it is my good fortune to find spring in full expression. The deliciously warm air has coaxed the trees into pink and white blossom. Today at lunchtime as I was walking I came upon this camellia and its beauty took my […]

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Don’t Run the Other Way!

“When I hear the word ceremony I want to run the other way!” This is what a woman told me recently who was attending a talk I gave to a women’s group. The talk was followed by very simple ceremony. “Ceremonies”, she said, “just aren’t my thing.” And yet, she thoroughly enjoyed this ceremony. She […]

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