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Freedom Practice

There are so many times in our daily lives when it feels as though we’ve said or done something we shouldn’t have or we’ve NOT done or said something that we should have. When we reflect on our past there are times when we are not proud of the person we have been. Knowing that […]

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The World Glistens

There is really nothing quite as beautiful as watching the world outside begin to swirl white with snow for the first time each winter. I’m not a fan of months and months of cold weather but I willingly enter the season with a sense of awe. Last night when I was out walking, all was […]

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Your Full Potential

Holding my clients in the light of their greatest potential is easy for me. Although they are often hard on themselves when they express their challenges, I see them effortlessly moving forward. Our work together helps them find a healthy perspective toward their lives, a perspective that gives them more breathing room to make choices […]

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It’s Time to Fulfill Your Dreams

We all have dreams. Dreams for a satisfying relationship, dreams for a closer family, dreams to express our creativity through art, writing or music. Dreams inspire us to make positive changes in our lives. Dreams call us to be our very best selves, our true selves. And yet dreams can also feel like a noose […]

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