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Love Notes

I used to be a letter writer. I’d wait till the spirit moved me and I’d write directly from my heart. Writing letters was a way of spending quality time with loved ones who lived far away. My friends and I had a creative letter writing exchange. We expressed ourselves through words, photos and sometimes […]

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Take Time

Late last night I returned from a 10-day trip to Nova Scotia. We chose to wind our way home on the back roads, which took several hours longer, but the perspective gained was one of a connection to the landscape we were traveling through and to the people who lived there. It was so satisfying! […]

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This Amazing Day

As a teenager, eecummings was one of my favourite poets. There was something alluring about an adult who chose not to capitalize words, punctuate sentences or even put words in the proper order. My favourite poem was “thank you god for most this amazing”. I learned it by heart. It begins like this… i thank […]

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My Summer Confession

Today when I should could have been writing my blog post… I was sitting on my deck drinking a warm cup of tea and being delighted by the birds flitting around at my feeder. I was enticed by the sun awakening the blooms on the flowers. They started like this… And before I knew it […]

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Summertime is… Discovering hidden zucchini. . Delicate flowers. Community celebrations. A bowl full of cherries. Enjoy the moments!

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