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Turn Your Gaze Toward Spring

A week ago I heard the black-capped chickadee announce spring with its song “springs-here…springs-here.” I was so excited I opened my back door wide and went outside to listen just to make sure it was true. At that moment, I could have chosen to hang my head in despair. After all there were still piles […]

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What I’ve Learned From Linden

I’ve been spending this week with my 18-month old grandson while his mom is away on a trip. It’s their first time apart! In the days leading up to his visit, I was reading a chapter on parenting in Brene Brown’s book, “Daring Greatly”. I identify with being what Brene calls an “engaged, imperfect (grand)parent”. […]

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Be of Good Cheer

I’m looking forward to making a trip to a local greenhouse this weekend to choose my poinsettia. There will be blooms of coral and deep red and white as far as the eye can see. What a pleasure! If you read my blog post last year, “The Irritation of Poinsettias”, you will know that I […]

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Pausing Forward

I awoke Monday morning feeling distraught. I honestly can’t remember why. It could have been the shock I sometimes feel leaving the fun of a weekend behind as I move into the work of the week. Or perhaps my emotions were triggered by a dream. Whatever the reason, I was not happy. Rather than trying […]

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“Speaking Your Peace”

As the cool morning air gently enters the window where I’m writing I notice two robins flitting in the bushes and two butterflies dancing in the tall grass. Occasionally, I see someone walking along the path that winds through the small cemetery across the laneway from the house where I am visiting. There is a […]

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Looking for Happiness

Do you ever have times when you’re in the middle of an emotional melt down and your negative self-talk is running rampant? You’re saying things to yourself like “You’re so stupid!”, “I can’t believe you did that again!”, “You will never learn!” or “What a looser!”. You’re flooded with the intensity of your feelings and […]

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Finding the Flow

I awoke early this morning and went for a walk on my favourite path by the creek. As I left the road, I entered a tall stand of trees and I took in a deep breath of fresh air. I realized that this happens every time I pass this particular place in the path. My […]

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Practicing Catch

How has the practice “Catch Yourself in the Act” that I introduced last week been going? Have you started to transform the disappointment of forgetting and the self-criticism that accompanies it into the lighthearted excitement of remembering? There is ease in accepting the invitation of a small step. This week I’d like to offer another […]

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Practice with Dandelions

This week I ordered new cheques with butterflies and the saying, “Let nature be your teacher.” I have always looked to nature for inspiration. It offers clear lessons that ease my way through life. I’ve learned how to let go of resistance and live in the flow from paying attention to the patterns of a […]

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You Need Help!

Face it. You need help. We all do. We cannot do everything on our own. I reached out years ago and the effect of that action is still reverberating in my life. I can’t remember how I found Cindy but I do know that after I found her, I couldn’t imagine life with out someone […]

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