The Antidote to Angst

Gratefulness is a lovely quality to cultivate. When you wake in the morning, practice gratefulness even before you get out of bed. Naming 3 things you are grateful for will set a positive tone to your day. “I am grateful for the morning light, I am grateful for my warm bed, I am grateful for coffee.” Say it like you mean it.

Offering gratefulness before you eat a meal will help you slow down and prepare to receive the nourishment of your food. “I am grateful for the soil and the rain. I am grateful to the farmer who planted the seed and carried this food to the market.” Yummy!

Keeping a grateful journal by your bed and writing down what you are grateful for (no matter how small) will help you enter a time of peaceful sleep. “I am grateful for the conversation I had today. I’m grateful for my cup of tea, the book I’m about to read and my pillow.” Ahhh….

The most powerful time to enlist the practice of gratefulness is when you’re feeling really stuck.

You’re beginning to swirl downward in self-doubt and despair and you feel like there’s no way out. You’re wondering how you can possibly be in this place AGAIN?! You know you need help but you have no idea where to turn.

Step away from that all too familiar pattern and find the courage to call out to gratefulness.

Start naming everything you are grateful for. “I’m grateful for my children. They are such beautiful beings. I’m grateful for my home. It’s warm and comfortable. I’m grateful for the sun. It’s shining brightly today.”

You’ll begin to feel an inner shift. Your breath will deepen. Your shoulders will relax. Tears might begin flowing.

As love enters, your perspective will lighten. What a relief!

The practice of gratefulness is the perfect antidote for angst.

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