Is it Time?

So often I talk with people who wish they had acknowledged an important transition.

They or someone they were close to had a special birthday or a graduation or started a new job or moved into a new home but they didn’t do anything to celebrate.

Such regret!

They were too busy or didn’t know where to start in the planning or thought it was an idea no one else in the family would like, so they let the time come and go without taking any action.

It breaks my heart!

We all crave the feeling of connection, to ourselves and to the special people in our lives.

It’s up to each of us to cultivate connection. Creating a ceremony is a perfect way to do this.

Believe me when I tell you that it’s easy to create a simple ceremony or a meaningful moment in the middle of a celebration.

Action is the key. Supporting your inspiration with action shifts ‘’I’d like to do something” into, ‘’I’m working on something” and your ceremony begins to take form.

Here are ‘4 Simple Ways to Move Forward’ on your ceremony inspiration.

Write It Out
Use a free flowing stream of consciousness journaling method to let the ideas flow and begin to expand into possibilities. Watch the gems appear!

“I know! We’ll start by forming a circle.”

Keep It Simple
This is one of my mottos. Simple has a much greater chance of actually happening. And simple is easier to take in, leaving a meaningful and lasting impression on everyone who takes part.

“I’ll ask my Mom to light the candle, just one. And we’ve just got to get some daisies.”

Find Support
Get together with a supportive friend and run your idea by them. Two heads adds excitement and gives and idea “wings”.

“I know just the person to ask. She’s so supportive of my creative ideas.”

Set the Date
There is nothing like a date to make things seem real. “Oh, my gosh, I’m really doing this!” Create a timeline for your ceremony “To Do” list and begin taking the steps.

“Everyone should be home next Sunday afternoon.”

There, now you’ve taken some steps and you’re well on your way to making sure your ceremony comes to life.

When I talk with someone who has created a special ceremony to acknowledge a transition, they say things like “ I made something amazing happen for my family” or ‘It felt so good to value myself and now I feel such clarity”.

The look on their face of deep gratitude and appreciation tells it all.

I want that for you!

What transition are you ready to acknowledge? Get started on your ceremony!

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