Bring Love to the Table

This weekend I’ll be dying eggs with whoever is willing to join me around our kitchen table. I’m hoping it will include my 4-year old grandson, Linden!

We’ll get out the newspaper to cover the table and gather some jars and glasses. We’ll read the instructions on the package of dye tablets and pour vinegar into each glass. We’ll ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ as the colours burst into life and one by one we’ll transform 2 dozen white eggs into fanciful delights.

I love everything about dying eggs; the sound of the water being poured into the glasses and the smell of the vinegar, the vividness of the colours and the surprise of the finished product, the simplicity of the form (the egg), the playfulness, the mess, the beauty and the companionship.

Year after year, the experience for me is perfection.

Perfection year after year, how is that possible!?

It’s possible simply because I have DECIDED that I love to die eggs and that is the attitude I bring to the table to create a wonderful experience year after year.

What is it that you love to do? Is there something that you can count on always being a positive experience?

Now here’s the gem, next time you are resisting doing something because it feels so mundane, take a deep breath and inject just a little bit of the attitude you assume when you are doing something you love.

Bring love to the table and let me know how it goes!

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