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Sleeping in the Forest

This week I’m in the wilds of southern Ontario. I’m paddling in my canoe with my sweetheart and our puppy. I’ve included a few photos of canoe trips from years past and a beautiful poem by Mary Oliver. Oh, Mary Oliver, thank you again and again and again for illuminating the feeling of connection with […]

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Not a Care in the World

When I was a child I used to lie down in the stream where our family camped fully clothed. I remember the freedom of seizing that cool moment on a hot summer’s day. I also used to climb way up high in the Linden tree that grew at the edge of a deep ravine in […]

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Summer’s Nourishment

Late last night I returned from a trip to Nova Scotia. We decided to drive straight through on the way home so the day was long and the landscape varied. From early morning fog to mid-day rolling green hills, to an early afternoon cityscape and an evening on winding dark roads, I made the transition […]

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Tomorrow morning I’m leaving on a road trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia. We are driving for 2 days to join my partner’s family for a memorial service after the sudden death of a beloved nephew. It will be a happy/sad gathering. There’s a lot of that in life…happy/sad. Reading Kahlil Gibran as a young adult […]

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Bejeweled Splendor

On this morning’s walk I noticed fresh green plants bejeweled with last night’s rain, tulips bursting with colour, seeds from the tree above dancing on the sidewalk, spotted leaves and dainty blooms, a show of pink awaiting bees delight, glowing splendor; and all the while, through and through, I was aware of my good fortune. […]

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I Love to Laugh

I love to laugh. Don’t you? Having a young dog has upped my laughter quotient exponentially in the past year. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Daisy is the happiest being I have ever known. She is happy from sunrise to sunset. When I come downstairs in the morning to open her crate, her […]

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A Fresh Look at a New Year

I went for a New Year’s walk first thing this morning. I got on my coat, boots, hat and mittens and headed out the door with the intention to see things with fresh eyes. After all, this was the first morning of the first day of a new year. Tiny snowflakes were gently falling and […]

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Finding Endearment

When I was young I hated poinsettias. They were everywhere at Christmas and I thought they were gaudy. After Christmas people would hang onto them for months and I would notice them crowded with other plants in the corners of their homes wilting and gathering dust. I’m not sure when I started to see them […]

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My Autumn Confession

Today when I should could have been writing my blog post…. I was paddling my canoe on the glassy waters of a quiet lake. Nothing could compare to the nourishment of an unexpected day in nature. I encourage you to take some time away from your usual routine to experience the unfolding miracle of this […]

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Singing Leaves

Nature is my most constant companion. Whenever I am in need of comfort, if I find my way to nature, I find solace. Nature reminds me that I am enough. In fact nature tells me that I am way more than enough. Nature talks to me through its perfectly imperfect beauty. My walk past a […]

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